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Businesses are at a pivot point to act on sustainability. OPRO's approach has embedded this need for environmental awareness, and hence, acts decisively to create resilient and sustainable structures for leveraging competitive edge for hospitality undertakings through engineering, and maintenance models that could potentially minimize their carbon footprint.

Solar Energy

Through a strategic partnership with SWIMSOL, OPRO offers affordable and durable Photovoltaic(PV) systems for harnessing the potential of Solar Energy in the Maldives. Accounting for space constraints, OPRO offers corrosion-proof rooftop, offshore (floating) solar PV systems among other products.

Food Waste Management

Through a collaboration with GPS(Green Power Systems) Renewables, OPRO offers an array of systems that convert organic waste into biogas.

Green Globe

OPRO has successfully managed the Green Globe certification process for four Maldives luxury resorts: OZEN LIFE MAADHOO, Atmosphere Kanifushi, OBLU SELECT Sangeli, and OBLU Helengeli. Our experienced consultants will help you traverse the complex Green Globe audit planning. We verify your compliance with your industry’s certification criteria.

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