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Who We Are

OPRO is a leading asset management company headquartered in the Maldives. We specialize in collaborating with hospitality industry leaders to address their asset maintenance and procurement needs. Our primary objective is to enhance the operational efficiency of your hospitality establishment by implementing cost-effective asset maintenance strategies.

Our expertise spans across various asset management verticals, including engineering solutions, water management, energy management, waste treatment, safety and security services, sustainability solutions, as well as assistance with green globe certification. Additionally, we provide consultancy and auditing services to ensure optimal performance and compliance


Unify Purchases Under One Roof.......

CenPRO serves as OPRO's centralized purchase management division, specializing in facilitating cost-effective procurements for engineering, energy, and maintenance needs. We work closely with suppliers and leaders in the hospitality industry to establish strategic partnerships, ensuring that our clients receive high-quality products at affordable prices that meet their specific requirements.

Our Strategic Partners


Streamline your operations to optimize costs and improve property value.


Predict operational challenges and deploy mechanisms for challenge-avoidance.


Ensure compliance with appropriate health, safety, and environmental regulations, without compromising your plans.


Standardize  and monitor your processes to prevent bottlenecks.

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